Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekend Fun

Last weekend we went to San Antonio. Greg has a friend from growing up who is stationed there with the air force. So we went and hung out with them and went to Sea World. They were so nice to us. Not only did we stay at their house but they gave us the insider's tour through the park. Meaning we missed the lines and still got to see all the shows we wanted, like Shamu. If that wasn't enough they traded off going on the rides while the other one watched Luke. How nice is that?! They live really close and have the year pass and that's one of the reasons why, but still, it was the best. So thanks to the Livseys for an awesome weekend trip.

This weekend was the cub scout camp out. Greg is a webelos leader and so we packed up our stuff and hoped Luke would do well.(He did.) The camp area was in the state park about an hour away. It was about a five minute walk from the lake. The site was a little small for our big group, but it was fun. The camp site was several inches of silt or loose dirt so everyone was pretty dirty. The scouts were constantly looking like dirty ruffians. The boys also participated in a raingutter rigatta (boat race). They then had a raingutter sundae. We had left by then, but I can only imagine those filthy boys digging in.

Happy Easter! We put six eggs with candy on the lawn for Luke. He wasn't super interested until we opened the first egg and he saw the treat inside. Then, he basically went to the other eggs and opened them immediately. I did get him to eat his candy in two sittings because some of his candy was wrapped. He enjoyed himself.

That's about it.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My little helper

Luke loves to play in water. So he recently decided he really likes to help with the dishes. He will pull a chair over to the sink and just play/drink in the dirty water. He really loves it when his mother kindly turns on the water in the smallest stream imaginable. I know it is not terribly eco-friendly. He always pulls out the water plug and watches it drain. This can keep his attention for an hour, no joke. He normally hates wearing bibs, but will put on an apron for this activity. He sometimes pitches a fit when I try to take the apron off.

Taking a sip (I swear I don't encourage the dish water sipping)

Monday, April 4, 2011

The zoo

Last weekend we went to the zoo because we had some free passes that were about to expire. We had fun, but Luke still doesn't emote much, when it comes to animals. The funniest part was watching him pet the goats. He would give the goat one pat and then move on.

Then Greg went to the shooting range with a friend and Luke and I went to the open house of the our new church building. A friend needed me to translate the tour into french for her neighbors. It was hard to remember some of the words that would have been so easy five years ago, but whatever. Don't ask me which words, it's embarrassing. Fine, "sin" and "restoration".
But all in all, it was a good experience. Much thanks to the Spencers for helping with Luke.