Monday, June 16, 2008

Playing games with my family on-line and my nephew goes to make a sandwich. We all thought it was pretty disgusting sounding, but he ate it. We decided that whoever lost the game had to make and eat the nasty sandwich. I was fairly confident in my gaming skills, but I did lose, by one point. So I did my duty.

so far.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's been a while. We've lived in Houston now for just under a year. I have been a nanny for two kids. But I have the summer off(The family already promised the nanny from last summer the position for this summer. I will be going back in the fall when she goes back to BYU. The summer will be crazy for her because she'll have all four kids, now that school is out. So I don't mind very much.
I have been keeping occupied reading, making a quilt and teaching piano lessons. Greg and I are also helping plan Youth Conference in our stake, which is sadly at the same time as the Darger Family Reunion.
Greg is getting ready to go to Angola with Exxon. He and his friend, Scott, will be watching them open a new pipeline that goes to a huge oil tanker. Hopefully he won't be gone much longer than a week and will get back in time for Youth Conference.
Today we had a class party with our primary kids. We had them over to swim in our apartment's pool. We had water guns, food, and floaty toys. It was a success. We have ten kids and more than half came. We give them stars during class, when they are good, that go to a party and they just earned it. We'll see if it takes them another six months to earn the next party.
That's pretty much what's going on around here.