Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Break Guest Post (Grandma Peterson)

Well, this is the visual history of our week at Gessels.  Greg ended up taking 3 days off, i believe due to the fact that Christian got him hooked on the "Kill the Beasties" game online.  if i put everyother picture the one on the end of Christian and Greg, that sums up their week.  We did make it out to the Hyatt to see Don on Tuesday evening and brought pizza, which apparently is NOT on Don's heart diet.  We ate without him.  I herded kids while the rest played a board game...someone else can identify it and rank it's enjoyability.
Wednesday we mainly hung out at home, and Sarah and I went to the Relief Society birthday dinner, very yummy pulled pork and veggies.  Sarah did a batch of pulled pork and got to take home the leftovers, which we also enjoyed later.
 Thursday was supposed to be the Kid's museum, but both Caroline and Luke crashed because of all the late nights we have let them stay up.  Of course they've been up bright and early by 7:30 most days.  More games while the kids slept...I continued to quilt and watch Psych and Poirot, as well as some episodes of "Biggest Loser"  watched while Sarah was on the eliptical bike, and "Clean House"  which consisted of digging out people's houses that didn't know how to throw anything away and wouldn't put anything away what they used.  No comments from the Peanut Gallery"...my house does NOT look like anything on that show!!!  Sarah and I also washed and bleached the little girl clothes I brought (2 boxes worth)  which Sarah later picked through and kept about 1/2. The rest came home again to be further re-cycled in the future....doll clothes if nothing else. 
BYW, I found all of the cabbage patch dolls that I made, including Oatie just before I left for Texas.  Everyone can put their dibs.  I guess I better send pictures...to follow.

Sarah told us their favorite take out places...so we had Mexican beef fajitas on Thursday and Houston BBQ on Friday....YUUUUMMMMMY!! Thanks, Dad*;;) batting eyelashes

Friday, Sarah and the kids went with Dad and me to the Children's museum.  It's kind of pricey ($9) but sooooo many things to do, so worth the expense I would say.  Randy was very interested in many things, and kept wandering off.  Randy had to haul Luke  away when we left 3 hours later, he really wanted to stay.

I had brought Sarah's Christmas presents, as well as Luke and Greg's birthday presents (not to mention Sarah and Caroline's birthday presents) because I didn't know when we would see them again.  I made up Star Wars bags from fabric Sarah had purchased....very cooool!

We left about 7 on Saturday morning (Christian did NOT want to go that early) because of school work still waiting for Randy, and another blizzard coming our way, starting Saturday afternoon in the mid-west.. It started raining about 1/2 way through Oklahoma, and snowing about 2 hours from home in Missouri.  Neal called to ask where we were, and he already had 1/2 an inch and it had barely started to snow on our trip.  When I called Neal this morning, church optional for us...we had 4 inches and Neal had about 10".  I doubt we have school tomorrow, because I understand the plowing is not going very fast.  It is wet, heavy snow.  I'm glad we got home when we did...but what a great vacation in Texas land, thanks to the wonderful, friendly, hospitable Gessels!

Love to all,  *:x lovestruck*&gt;:D< big hug*:-* kiss  MOM

Monday, April 22, 2013

Easter and birthday stuff

Preschool fun

 We've had a lot of fun in preschool in the last few months. We've been to the zoo, the aquarium and had lots of fun learning at each other's houses.

Christmas 2012

Christmas was really fun in 2012. We went to Utah to spend it with Grandma Debbie, Grandpa Mark, Gary, Emilee, BJ, Miles and Chad. We got to play in the snow, visit the Sandy aquarium a few times, bowl, open presents, and hang out with relatives. Caroline, Debbie and Emilee caught the nastiest flu bug and were pretty sick for a few days. That's why Caroline is crying and has a running nose in almost every picture. She did enjoy being held by everybody and loved getting her first baby doll.

Halloween 2012

I haven't posted in a while. These are some halloween pictures that I posted on facebook but need to post on here. We went trick or treating and to a ward party. My in-laws came to visit in October. We went to the Children's Museum downtown. That place is always fun to visit.