Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Luke!

This week we celebrated Luke's birthday! We're so lucky to have such a cute boy in our family. We had burritos, jello and cake for Luke's special day. I included some video of the cake maul and some pictures of some of his first steps. He took one step at a time before and just recently has strung some together.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

San Antonio

Luke at 11 months

We recently took a weekend trip to San Antonio. Everyone in Texas talks about it as a great place to visit and now we know why. First of all, compared to Houston, it actually has stuff to do.
Greg, Luke and I drove down Friday morning. I sat in the back to try and placate a non car fan baby. We checked in, ordered delicious chinese take-out, and lounged. Then we checked out the Ripley's Believe it or Not and their Wax Museum. It's not super impressive, but sort of interesting and in the AC.

Luke politely poking the fat statue

Nose swallower and us

The guy who can pop his eyes out of his sockets

A decent photo at Ripleys

Photo ops

Luke sticking his tongue out at the joker

Me, Edward and Bella (the worst wax figures, right)

Luke at Hogwarts

Not a real Texas vacation without a Texas shaped waffle

In the caves (Livseys in back)
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I stole some photos from the Livseys blog to prove that they came with us.(Hannah is a great photographer.)

Luke and Greg in the caves
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I came, I saw, I sweat
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The Alamo
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The Mexican soldiers have a voice

Not shown. We had snow cones and they were delicious in the heat of the day. Then we took a stroll down "the riverwalk". It is really nice like everyone says. Then we ate some delicious mexican food.

(We were trying to decide where to eat and Hayden said "I'll decide; Let's go home!" he was tired of walking)

The next morning after breakfast, we headed to the zoo with our friends. And hence to lunch at Chipotle.

Zoo statue pose


The air conditioning in this random hippo place was heaven sent

Greg showing off his pretty wings

Luke is a beautiful butterfly

This was supposed to be my shot, but Luke stole the show

Bears, beets, battlestar galactica

Luke reacts to the crocodiles

Luke reacts to the monkeys

Luke reacts to the lions
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Luke is a pretty chill dude and so Greg took that photo series with the express purpose to show that he just sat in his stroller and gazed calmly. Not one clap or finger point.

Greg,Luke and the termites

Greg and his friend James Livsey

We had lots of fun in San Antonio and would recommend it above Houston. Unless you want to come and play board games with us. But that would be the main attraction and you would be sad when you lost to us.