Friday, April 30, 2010

8 Months!

Luke is now 15 lbs 13 oz.

These are Luke's 8 month pictures. He's wearing an outfit sent by Greg's mom.

It's funny to me how different Luke looks in the three pictures.

Luke is now doing the army crawl. Don't take that to mean that he's slow. Because he can get to all the cords very quickly.

In other news, Bonnie ran over my foot at Best Buy. She was starting my car (to turn on the air) and it rolled a little bit (Stick shift). I was buckling Luke in his car seat. The car stopped on my toes. Bonnie and I were both freaking out and she couldn't restart the car. I finally wrenched my foot from under the tire because it wasn't that far under. She then was able to calm down and start the car and drive us home. It was brief but traumatic. I just got bruises. The end.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Easter

Luke is now army crawling around the house. On this day, he was forced to wear a bunny hat while doing that.

He like to chase the eggs.

We decorated eggs, transformer style. We hope that everyone had a great Easter.

We hope that everyone had a great Easter.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rodeo Houston and Luke at 7 months

For my birthday Greg took the day off and we went to the Houston rodeo. We drove downtown and got just enough cowboy to call it good. We figured that we should get to a rodeo at least once while we're down here.
Deep Fried Snickers

Luke is sporting a bandanna bib that I got from my baby shower in Texas, of course.

Baby Luke and Luke the calf

I'm so big!

I'm getting my 2nd tooth now, so that's why I'm drooling so much.

This is picture proves that I can sit up all by myself.