Monday, October 27, 2008

Trunk or Treat

This last week has been fun and crazy. Besides the normal nannying that I do, this week Greg and I watched some kids over the weekend. Friday I watched a movie with some friends while Greg listened to the 14 year olds and their band. The other kids were at their school carnival with friends. Saturday we had to go to the senior olympics. We signed up for an early shift, but the people at interfaith(a group of churches who do stuff for the community) decided that instead of what we had originally signed up for, we could be all their all day. We did a lot of standing around and some service. Then we left. Greg did his program. Then we were off to pick up two of the kids at their soccer games.

Then we had pizza hut for dinner and off to the ward trunk or treat. I dressed up as Hello Kitty. I have a hello kitty sweatshirt and I picked up a cat mask at hobby lobby for a few dollars. I hot glued a pink bow on it. I also picked up a white mask for Greg which came with paints. He painted his mask that won him the award for the scariest costume. So we're not supposed to have masks at church events well, we weren't really wearing them, so come on. We had a bean bag game set up. There were some baskets on our mini step ladder and I made some halloween bean bags. We gave the kids two pieces of candy if they got all three bean bags in the baskets.

Sarah and Sierra Tippets(as Madeline)

Greg and Sierra
I started not feeling so hot Saturday evening. Sunday morning I felt happy go pukey. I threw up maybe ten minutes before we left for church. I tried to call someone else in the ward so I didn't have to go and play the organ, but noone picked up. So I played during sacrament meeting and then left. So I think I have the flu. I feel a little better today, but not quite well.
That's about it. Oh and we got Acquire off of E-Bay for $15 + shipping. Sweet!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ramblings of a mad woman

Ok. So I decided I better post because I haven't in a while and what's the use of checking blogs if they aren't being posted on regularly. So fun times.

The other day I was in the grocery store putting chicken in my cart. Then the lady who's cart it really was, said pardon me. And I was embarressed. In my defense my cart was right behind her's. The lady was just going right by.

I went to Michaels today and waited in line, only to find out that their credit card/debit machine wasn't working. Luckily, I had a little cash. I had to prioritize my items and told the cashier to put the rest back. That was an annoyance.

I recently bought a pair of feather pillows at JC Penny for $33. I saw a sale for the queen sized feather pillows for $30 on-line. When I got there, I had to have a sale's person look for that pillow with me. But then there was another sale that you could get a 2nd pillow for $1 more. So I did that. I am writing about it, because I am proud of the deal I got. The end.