Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Januaries

Put your chemicals high, so your babies don't get poisoned. Greg used this photo for a safety meeting at work. I was like, isn't that kind of funny that you are letting your kid be near dangerous chemicals for a safety photo? And he was like, "We're both right here so it's fine." I did, however, get Greg to not take pictures of our baby on the stairs. That was a close one.

Luke's 4 month picture I hadn't posted.

Luke didn't participate in the money run. But Greg did take him upstairs early for a special photo op.

Luke is always happy when we go in to get him in the morning. So cute!

And Luke's 5 month photos. Pay no attention to his obviously upset expressions. What a big boy!

In other news, we got fish. Some of those fish also had babies and then died. We then took back the original fish to the pet store and got more fish.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Vacation 2009

Ok. So I really don't get a vacation. So what. It was nice to have my family in town during their Christmas break.
Why do my parents put me in animal costumes when it is no longer near Halloween? Because they are fun pajamas from your Grandma Peterson. Eat your leaves.

What is Christmas?

This year Santa tossed down some dollar bills. I totally got a $10 and two $1's. Sweeet!

If you'd like to see a funny money run. You've got to watch last year's footage.

Luke lounged with his Grandpa while everyone was opening their gifts.

Greg put Luke on my shoulders.

Snuggling daddy.

My mom: Grant is upstairs taking a nap with Luke. (She's up there taking pictures instead of saving Luke)
Me: Ok
Mom: Luke's actually not asleep. He's just lying there.
Me: As long as he's happy. . . Well, maybe I should go check on him.

Christmas karaoke came to pass. Luke is doing his pose, or covering his ears.

French dip brisket sandwiches for Christmas lunch. Best ever. The brisket cowboy nachos for dinner were also excellent. Basically, I sat down and planned the holiday menu a month in advance because I was so excited. It mostly happened as planned.

My dad got a math book for Christmas. He picked it out, it's just a typical Peterson thing to fall asleep anywhere.

Bonnie and Merilee going to singles ward. They look so hot!