Monday, September 13, 2010

Grandparent fun!

We had a lot of fun recently when the Gessels came to visit us for Labor Day. They played with Luke 24/7. It was awesome. Luke was very comfortable with his grandparents. He would hold his arms out to whomever he wanted at the time, it varied. It was great fun!

Luke trying to eat a Snickers he found in grandpa's stuff. He's no dummy.

Luke kissing himself in the mirror for like 5 minutes. So funny!

Mall fun

Bonnie and I were trying to celebrate her birthday and have fun with Luke. So Bonnie thought up a bunch of fun things she wanted to do with Luke at the mall.
Let's go!

The Merry Go Round

Intro to Dip 'n' Dots

Pet Shop

The Play Area

The fountains feature music and lights at night

We had so much fun with you Bonnie!