Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vacation fun

I got home from my vacation on Monday. There was bad weather which made me get back to Houston at 7 instead of 5, which was crazy. We had snacks and Luke was very good, otherwise it could have been really bad. We also had an hour delay on the way out. Flight arrival time 12:30 instead of 11:30 pm. Also the screen in front of me was on the whole time because the control panel was messed up. Greg tore the magazine cover off the flight magazine and folded it over to block the light. Luke finally got some sleep.

We had a really fun time going to two reunions. Greg only got to attend the Darger reunion which we had in Cedar City. I went to Twilight: Eclipse with some of the girl cousins. It was a fun time despite the gps having a problem which took us the sister theater aka different movie times and a frozen yogurt run to take up some waiting time. We played lots of games and Luke was literally passed from person to person the whole time. All he needed was his blankie. I was happily surprised.

Luke was also spoiled by his grandparents. He's little beggar who happily accepted treats from strangers. On the way down we were all feeding him bits of costco muffins. When we stopped at Wendy's we shared fries and Greg gave him some frosty. I was holding Luke when he blew chunks. He threw up a lot. I vowed to monitor more closely what and how much he was eating. Poor guy. He had a spare outfit and I wiped myself up, best as I could in a restaurant bathroom.

Luke had a lot of fun swimming in Bear Lake at the Gessel reunion. He went farther than I expected into the water. We did have to watch him closely when he got on the shore though because he tried to eat shells.

This is a picture of our fridge when I got back. Greg and Bonnie(my sister) had been home, but all they had bothered to shop for was milk and ice cream (Bonnie).

At Bear Lake, Luke played happily in this little car in the campsite and in the lake.

Luke, Grandma Debbie and I went to the zoo. We rode the train and carousel. But he was sleeping on the train.

Luke and I at the zoo next to the huge, water-spraying elephant.

We were able to go to Provo and see some friends.

One of many baths. This is honestly the best we could get from him.

Luke had a lot of fun with his great-grandpa. He was one of the people that Luke would seek out. (Also one of the people that would give him food)

Luke playing.

Stefani's twins playing with Luke.