Monday, January 16, 2012

Belly shot

As per Megan's request. This is a shot of me Jan 16 at 34 weeks.0-

I've been busy as a bee working on a quilt for Caroline.If you will recall I made Luke a quilt, baby bumpers, a sheet, a dust ruffle, a picture holder and his name in matching material. So I felt like I had to at least do a quilt for her.
This is a picture of Luke throwing a fit. He didn't kick or scream just lied down on the ground in a pout.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Epic Christmas of 2011

Luke is kind of obsessed with firetrucks. He wears this fireman hat around the house and it has gotten quite battered but still lives on. He tries to wear his firetruck jammies most nights, listens and looks for firetrucks constantly and got a firetruck from his Gessel grandparents and a firetruck book from his parents.

Every 2 yr old knows how to use a remote, right?

Ever since we took off Luke's crib rail, he sleeps almost every night on the floor. This is a trait that has been passed down through the Peterson line.

Christian, sleeping with a book

Playing with the fun car at Grandma's

Cool mask from Cape Verde

Eagle Court of Honor for Josh and Christian

Daddy, Luke and Josh on Christmas afternoon

Christmas morning chaos
Luke calls his grandparents Bampom and Bampom, or at least that is what it sounds like. He got really excited whenever either one of them entered the room.

Playing with the goats at Grandma Peterson's was a highlight of Luke's visit, as well as hanging out with his cousins

Greg's 31st birthday party at Neal's house; featuring Luke and Austin

Uncle Canute's hat

Luke and Canute watching a show

We had lots of fun spending time together. All ten of us were able to show for this year's 2011 "Epic Christmas Celebration." The boys played computer games to epic proportions, we finished America's quilt she's been working on for almost 10 years, Bonnie and I sang karaoke for at least five hours one Thursday, and we played games.