Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My aloe plant has flowered.

My aloe plant is budding. I didn't know that could happen, or if I did I forgot. But this is the first time since I got this plant from my parents that it has flowered. First we have the baby bud. Look very closely.

Then we have the bigger flower. From the research I have done, that's it. It doesn't open more than this. Hooray. It must be really healthy.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Happy New Years and a New Primary Class

Happy Birthday to Greg. He is 28 this week. He is the best husband and friend, ever. So there. And if any of you like to rock. Greg got Rock Band for his birthday. So if anybody's interested, we'd like to battle your band.

We'd also like to wish everyone a happy New Year! Hope your holiday season was as great as ours was. We had a fun visit to my parent's house in Missouri. Greg played a million games, mostly with my brothers and brother-in-law. It was warm inside and so we stayed there. Coming from Houston in the 70's and going to a below freezing Missouri, was a bit of a shock. We therefore did not go caroling or ice skating, as we had originally planned. Greg had forgotten his ice skates anyway and he was determined to find an excuse to not go caroling. I guess he got what he wanted.

We also found out our new primary class. Can you see Greg and I teaching Sunbeams? Well, we'll see how we fare. We have 6 students. I hope most of them are potty trained. That's my New Year's wish. Last year we taught the kids turning 8. So we attended quite a few baptisms and it was an exciting time. We thought our kids last year needed to work on paying attention. Now we have like 3 minute attention spans. And still an hour of class time. Lets just say we'll have to get creative. So wish us good luck. And if you feel the need, come to the Woodlands 1st ward to see us in action.