Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This year Luke was our little monkey.

Greg was a jedi.

And I was a mage.

He insisted on walking the whole way and carrying his bucket. He didn't trust us to give it back to him or something.

We went trick or treating with our neighbors. Their little boy Ethan is a month older than Luke and is a very cute cowboy.

Our neighbor dressed as white trash.

Little monkey wore cowboy boots because they were the only shoe that fit over his costume.(We didn't want to carry him the whole way.) He was so cute that people would give him hand fulls. We skipped lots of houses and still had a bucket full when we got back round to our house.

A couple of weekends ago was our Young Women's Fall Camp out. We had lots of fun even though there was a fire ban in our area because of the drought. We improvised our meals using electric skillets. We took a three mile hike and were super lucky to have the best weather imaginable. Can't wait for the next one!

Sometimes we go on walks as a family. If it is getting close to Luke's bedtime he might have his foot jammies on already. And if he wants to walk outside in jammies he wears boots. We think it's adorable.