Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Emilee's Wedding

We went to Salt Lake recently for Emilee Gessel's wedding. Chad was missed, but Emilee and BJ just weren't willing to wait another year for him to get back from his mission in Toulouse, France. She has been dating BJ since high school so it was a long awaited and joyous occasion.

Sarah and Greg by the Salt Lake Temple

Us with Gary

Backed by the beautiful flowers

This is my blog. I will show as many pictures of myself as I want.

Megan, Sarah, Stefani and Allison

Two pregnant ladies lounging.

Emilee and BJ cutting the cake

Our reception was also here.

Haiden and Gary toasting

Grandpa and Grandma Darger, the cheesecake and me

Brigham doesn't recognize Greg from Adam

Brigham getting sleepy

BJ and Emilee's sweet get away car
(Yes, technically it belongs to BJ's dad)

Sarah, Stefani, Allison and Bizzy at Tennille's baby shower
We ate breakfast at Magleby Fresh. It was very good.

Jessica, Dani, Bailey, Bree, and Grandma Darger

Donnie and Natalie

Jenny, Tennille and Debbie (my cute mother-in-law)

I will take a mini-second to apologize to those in Utah that we didn't have time to see on our short trip for Greg's sister's wedding. Which is basically everyone that wasn't family. We hope to have more time on future trips to see all of our friends.

The move

We have been a little busy lately and this is one of the things that we've been doing, moving.

This is moving day with all of our possessions, except our bed, are in the living room.

Sarah and Bonnie (Bonnie is thrilled about helping us move. And that is why we bought her a bed.)

Dressed in our finest for moving.

I convinced Greg to get into one of those huge garment boxes for a picture.

Our new side tables.

Our patio. Can you believe they left this all behind?
A fire pit and weird chairs from India.
Our new super comfy office chairs from Ikea.
Our dining area with the table my mom brought.

The formal dining room, which we use as a tv room.
Our fabulous new furniture.

Another view.
And again. But note also that this is the same room that was full of boxes in the first photo of this post. We are making some progress.