Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My aloe plant has flowered.

My aloe plant is budding. I didn't know that could happen, or if I did I forgot. But this is the first time since I got this plant from my parents that it has flowered. First we have the baby bud. Look very closely.

Then we have the bigger flower. From the research I have done, that's it. It doesn't open more than this. Hooray. It must be really healthy.


kelly said...

hehe...i didn't know aloe plants grew flowers either!! you must be an amazing gardener. i kill EVERYTHING...except for the weeds, of course. :)

Merilee said...

I'm your sister and I've also lived with that plant my entire life. Still never seen a flowering aloe plant. Read my 25 on facebook. Though you probably know it all anyway.