Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Januaries

Put your chemicals high, so your babies don't get poisoned. Greg used this photo for a safety meeting at work. I was like, isn't that kind of funny that you are letting your kid be near dangerous chemicals for a safety photo? And he was like, "We're both right here so it's fine." I did, however, get Greg to not take pictures of our baby on the stairs. That was a close one.

Luke's 4 month picture I hadn't posted.

Luke didn't participate in the money run. But Greg did take him upstairs early for a special photo op.

Luke is always happy when we go in to get him in the morning. So cute!

And Luke's 5 month photos. Pay no attention to his obviously upset expressions. What a big boy!

In other news, we got fish. Some of those fish also had babies and then died. We then took back the original fish to the pet store and got more fish.


dina marie said...

I love the one of Luke in is crib. What a cute kid!

Megan C. said...

Wow he's gotten so big! I'm glad you were able to keep Luke off the stairs - Daddy's just don't think about safety sometimes! Dallin thinks I'm overprotective, but I just don't want a hurt and crying baby!

Lesley said...

It looks like the Januaries were good to you!

I love all the funny pictures of Luke. You ought not to feed him bleach though. At least it was the name brand bleach though. :)

I love how happily Luke wakes up each morning! What a pleasant little face to wake up to!

Merilee said...

I love those pictures too. You'd better still send those to me on my mission.

I showed my friends that bleach picture. Funny history for the picture adorable kid.

Miss talking to you! Love and kisses! Mer