Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rodeo Houston and Luke at 7 months

For my birthday Greg took the day off and we went to the Houston rodeo. We drove downtown and got just enough cowboy to call it good. We figured that we should get to a rodeo at least once while we're down here.
Deep Fried Snickers

Luke is sporting a bandanna bib that I got from my baby shower in Texas, of course.

Baby Luke and Luke the calf

I'm so big!

I'm getting my 2nd tooth now, so that's why I'm drooling so much.

This is picture proves that I can sit up all by myself.


Chelsea said...

Ah, Luke is way too cute. I miss you guys and Houston fun.

Erin Gibbons said...

What a stinkin' cutie! You're the second friend to post deep-fried snickers to their blog, (we also got to see the "Austen Rodeo" via blog.) I'm kind of jealous! I'm sure some day we'll visit Texas and trying a deep-fried snickers is on my list, as well as (sharing) 3 1/2 lb. cinnamon rolls I saw on TV.

Desi said...

Luke's eyes are to die for!

Hope you had a good Conference Generale this Easter!

Kathleen said...

What a fun way to celebrate your birthday! Besides all the pictures of Luke sitting up, drooling, etc. my favorites are the ones of you and him in front of the John Deere and Greg and him in the same spot. Adorable!