Monday, April 22, 2013

Easter and birthday stuff

 I found a dollhouse on the curb a few months ago. I wanted to fix it up. I found some cute things at hobby lobby to go in the house like this gumball machine. It was very cute. One day my son decided that there might be real gumballs in it, so he broke it open in his room and proceeded to eat the "gum balls." He then ran to me with those gumballs and some glass in his mouth and a huge mess in his room. Awesome:/

 Caroline turned 1 February 22 and we celebrated with cupcakes and trips to Arizona to see Grandma, Great Grandma Darger and more relatives, except Daddy, who had to stay behind and make the money.

 Caroline got a stroller for her birthday, which her doll from Christmas fit in perfectly. This gave her a reason to start walking professionally and so she does.
 Happy Easter to my babies.

 Lucho libres babies.


Kathleen said...

Caroline's Easter dress looks beautiful on her. She's gorgeous! I can't believe how fast she and her handsome big brother are growing up.