Monday, October 22, 2007

Greg and I are in Houston, Tx. Greg works for Exxon Mobil. It is currently pouring rain outside. But it is really nice. Greg is taking the FE test for Engineers this Saturday. We are planning on carving pumpkins today.

I like to play World of Warcraft and Carcasonne online. I also play Settlers of Catan and
Aquire online. So fun times. The best part playing games online is that you can talk if you have skype (free web phone) while playing and hear and interact with other people like they're there.

I play Carcassonne with America, my sister, online and then make sounds at her daughter, Julia, in the background. Julia then repeats. She is just learning to talk. She will say, "hear", because she can hear me talking. It's a fun game.


Shana said...

Sarah wrote on her blog! Nice photos.