Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Break 2008

We're going to Missouri this week. It's exciting to go home. All my siblings will be there with their families except Grant(Lisbon, Portugal Mission). We will get to talk to him on Christmas though. Hopefully we'll also be able to sneak in some time with friends while we're there.
Mom put me in charge of crafts and I took my task seriously. I hope the kids like some of the things I picked out. Otherwise, I guess I'll be fired from the position.
Merilee is in charge of the baking treats. But I told her I'd top the pizzas if she made the dough. We have plenty of hands to help. So hopefully she won't get overwhelmed.
We've also been thinking of the games that we're bringing. Games are very important. Sorry babies, you will not be handling and swallowing our precious game pieces. We have crafts to keep you busy unless you are very small babies.
Can't wait to see you!


Merilee said...

Hah! Glad to know everyone who reads your blog knows our schedule. I am glad to know I'm not the only planner in our family.

Turns out Christopher Mena thinks I'm a planaholic- he's the guy who's my friend b/c his mom gave me his phone number in Alaska.

Hah. If he only knew! I'm going to see Aman tomorrow and Tuck and am very excited. Also, ask Bon about her new facebook friend policy. She actually deleted every person she knows she hasn't talked to in the last month. Funny.