Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My poor second child will be neglected

Look at these cute baskets that I picked up at Hobby Lobby. They fit right into the changing table and so I am happy.

This is just a random container I covered with cute fabric to put something really important in, in Luke's room. I haven't yet figured out what that will be.

This is a little name plaque that I made.

Our pack 'n' play w/ bassinet where the baby will be sleeping at least for the first 3 months. And whenever we travel.

This is a recent picture of me. And yes this is the less squinty of two pictures so, whatever.


Lesley said...

That is SO cute. Lukes room belongs in a magazine, don't you think? And if he doesn't show up soon, it is only going to get cuter in there!

I love the way you did the letters in his name.

Langdon and Raquel said...

I'm so excited for you that he's almost here. I hope that he comes sooner rather than later if you're really uncomfortable, but if you're feeling great (cause you look great), then I hope you get some time to SLEEP and GO OUT with Greg on dates before his big arrival--those are the things that didn't happen for awhile after Isabella's arrival. I was busy nesting like you, though, so I get it if you can't stop to relax before he comes. Your efforts are all worth it, too, because your nursery is so cute, by the way.

You asked about a hat on my blog--from Baby Gap, but from last winter--but they always have cute hats.

alison hilton said...

I can't believe you only have 18 days left! The nursery looks great! Preston's nursery looked great too, and then we moved. My twins only got bumper pads in their cribs with nothing on the walls and no other furniture. They don't even have curtains in their room. So if it makes you feel better my second and third children were neglected. We missed you at the reunion. I hope you guys really are coming for Thanksgiving this year. It will be great to see you and your baby!

Kathleen said...

Sarah, you could open your own boutique or Etsy shop. Love everything you've made for Luke!

Call Commotion said...

Your nursery is adorable! Miss Creative! We have that same play and pack! It rocks!

Merilee said...

Deane, you are cutesy. I can't believe how much stuff you've found to make.

Way to go! You are adorable! Love, Mer