Saturday, September 12, 2009

Luke's Blessing and more

Don't wake the baby. This is my favorite picture of Luke so far.

We recently had Greg's parents come to visit. They had come to adore their first grandchild. It was really great to see them. We played games too.

Luke and Grandpa Mark.

A curious little guy.

All dressed up for his blessing.

So cute.

Three generations of Gessel men.

Luke with his grandparents.

Our little family.

Wide awake to go to his first Sunday meeting.

Luke and Grandpa Mark having fun.

Luke and Grandma Debbie. She would seriously hold him every moment she could. (Meanwhile I would sleep.)

Greg calming Luke.

Going on an evening walk.

We were very sad to see Greg's parents go. They were a great help and we had so much fun. Luke especially misses his morning walks with them.


Pedro Garcia Millan said...





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Sarah Gessel said...

This makes me think of turning my blog private. For reals.

Erin Gibbons said...

Yeah, weird comment, I was like "What language is that even?!" So anyway, I'm a friend commenting. Way to go getting Luke to church so soon! Looks like he was excited for it! Good idea on the sleeping while your mother-in-law held the baby, that is one of the best things about grandmas! My Mom would get up in the middle of the night sometimes and tell me to go back to bed, I was like "okay!" (thinking "I was hoping you'd say that!") I wears off though, oh well.

Kathleen said...

Luke is so handsome! My favorite picture is your little family picture before your walk. That's fun that he's the 1st grandchild on Greg's side. His grandparents' love for him really shows!

Merilee said...

Deane, you look like a skinny post. That was fast! Yay for Lukie pictures!

Merilee said...

Also, when I saw the first comment I was like, whoa, when did Deane learn Spanish? I didn't think it was french, but then I was a little confused..stupid weirdos on the internet. Ask Neal what it says, I have no idea.