Monday, October 5, 2009

Pictures of Luke

This is a picture of Luke who is already 6 weeks old.

He's pretty happy.

Compare to his blessing day.

Doing exercise.

Such a big boy sitting up in his bumbo seat.

Going on a walk.

"I love staring at lights."

Halloween decorations.

Finally got some decor up in my house. Thanks to my in-laws visit.

Hope you like the pictures.


Merilee said...

Oooh, your living room looks spooky. Mom said if you didn't have any of her Halloween decor up, I should find it and put it yeah, be prepared for me and my looking through your attic boxes for gaudy decorations.

Erin Gibbons said...

Cute pictures of Luke! Someday we'll have to have our kids meet! Hope all is going well!

Christensen family said...

Your house is darling.. and LUKE is such a cutie. Oh my how quickly time has passed... 6 weeks already! Enjoy every minute!

Kathleen said...

Luke can sit up in his Bumbo at 6 weeks?! That's amazing! He has already grown so much! I love his beautiful eyes!