Saturday, March 13, 2010

6 Months!

I haven't written in a month but recently Luke has hit the 6 month mark. He can sit up by himself for short periods of time. And now is 13 1/2 lbs. ( I know he's a skinny bean pole.) And a day after his 6 month birthday I felt something sharp when I let him gnaw my finger. The tooth has broken through. Notice the excessive drool.

I made this purse for my cute niece for her new brother's arrival. So she wouldn't get jealous that he was getting all the presents.

And made this play mat for my newest nephew, Austin. Welcome, little guy.


Merilee said...

Very cute Deane. Very nice presents for the kiddies in Kansas.

Megan C. said...

hooray for new teeth! Or maybe not so hooray! I got bit the other day while nursing Jack. Not so pleasant.

Your little bean pole is adorable! Are you coming to Utah anytime soon? We'll be in Houston in June

Sarah Gessel said...

We are going to Utah mid-July. It would be fun to see you guys.

Kathleen said...

How thoughtful to make something for your niece in light of how her world must be changing. It's a very cute purse! And the play mat is adorable as well. Luke is a handsome, healthy baby. And, for what it's worth, we like skinny bean poles around here. ;) Congrats to Luke for learning to sit up and for getting his first tooth!

HB said...

13 1/2 pounds at 6 months?! Wow. Bronson was that at his 2 month. Dang. Let's hope they don't meet in a dark alley in 20 years and decide to rumble. Luke would be toast.