Thursday, June 9, 2011

quilt happened

Luke is into some of the whiny terrible two stuff.

But he is a cutie.

My friend recently requested help with her quilt. She was making it for her daughter due in a week and some odd days but actually born yesterday. More on that later. So I thought she was interested in sewing it herself for the experience but she was at the point that when I offered to finish it, she accepted. I figured out later why she was having such a difficult time. Most quilts have squares or rectangles that all fit together nicely, but this one had some crazy stuff going on in the middle.
So yesterday she was going to come to my house and drop the fabric off. She called around 5 and instead of talking about fabric she asked me to watch her boys while she went to the hospital and checked to see if she was in labor. She was and like 3 hours later, her baby girl was born.

I went home and waited til Luke's nap and then frantically started to get the quilt done. I have a vacation coming up and I really wanted to have it done before I left. Then I got a text that Leslie would accept visitors in the evening so my new goal was to finish by then and give it to her in the hospital. I got it finished and drove to the hospital before visiting hours were closed. I think it turned out pretty well.


bonnie peterson said...

I love adora-baby!!!! He is too cute!!!! Even though the terrible twos found him. Thank Greg again for the awesome web cam to make our skype calls exciting....and happening....and..........I love you! Come back from Europe!!!!!!

bonnie peterson said...

oh and tell leslie that the quilt is really cute. I know I already told you, but you are such a sweet person to help her. Love you!!!!