Monday, October 17, 2011

Baby name

I have been thinking/hoping for a girl since we first learned I was pregnant. So I basically had a name picked out two months ago. I told one of my sisters and I kept referring to the baby as a girl to Greg. I also used brain washing techniques of saying the name I wanted over and over to him. When we found out the baby was a girl I was super excited but Greg had never said he agreed to the name so I was expecting a few more months of brain washing. We called his parents and told them the news. They asked if we had a name picked out and Greg said, "Tell them." I was like, "What, you agree to the name?!" And once we had announced to the grandparents it's pretty much final. After all that, our baby girl's name will be Caroline Paige Gessel.


Kathleen said...

Beautiful name! It sounds lovely by itself, plus it goes great with all three names in your family. I'm so happy your carefully-planned coaxing is no longer necessary. Now you can focus on better things, like sewing for your cute little Caroline.