Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baby Shower

Last night I had a baby shower thrown me by some friends in the ward. First of all, it was at La Madaleine, one of my favorite restaurants. So many people showed up and Caroline is really set up with the cutest outfits. I was excited to receive so many dresses and bows! They did an activity which everyone made a wish for Caroline and/or Mommy about the incoming newborn. Basically I got to hear 15 friends say nice things about me, wishes of good mother daughter relationships, hopes for rest and everything going smoothly. I have attended one shower before that they did this same activity, but it is a classic. People don't get sick of hearing good things wished upon them or nice things said about them. Thank you everyone for coming!

I made this bow holder and it is basically filled up already. The main reason is because Lesley Larson alerted me to Halo Heaven's black friday event and I stocked up. In my defense, I had just learned that I was having a girl and this is how I acted upon it. Oh yeah, and I got the stuff at a good price.
This is me at 37 weeks. I was at the OBGYN's office yesterday and she asked if I was feeling pressure. I was like, heck yeah, and then she said that the baby was head down and descended all the way down. Then again, I wasn't dilated at all, so right now it looks like I will just be feeling pelvic "pressure" until my c-section Feb. 22. Awesome.


Megan C. said...

Looks like a fun shower! We should get together eventually since we're only about 2.5 hours apart. Maybe once Caroline gets here. And sorry about the pelvic pressure - I had that with Luke for the last month and it was miserable. I felt like he was going to fall out at any moment. Haha

Julia said...

So who threw the shower for you? It looks like it was a lot of fun and you have some cute stuff for Caroline! I love the hair bow holder you made and I admit I LOVE Halo Heaven!

Sarah Gessel said...

I am so glad that we are finally close enough to make visits! Someone told me the pelvic pressure increases in duration for each child, so we have that to look forward to.

My shower was thrown by Elizabeth Chappel and Lesley Larson.