Monday, September 22, 2008

Hurricane Ike

If you were wondering. We were affected by hurricane Ike. We had no power for five days. But as far as that goes, we were lucky. Since it's been about 10 days so far for some members of our ward and also some of Greg's coworkers.
Our water also stayed on. We were drinking stored water, but we could still flush.
We also had a miraculous cold front that came in on Sunday night as it was heating up in our apartment. It stayed through friday and our power had come on wednesday night.
This last Saturday we went to the ward building to clean up. There were a lot of trees down and some debris for us to clean up. We cleaned up there and then moved on to help some ward members at their homes. When we got home, around noon, we were exhausted. But glad that we were back in the ac.
Later that night we went and played games about an hour away with a boardgaming group. There was a german themed pot-luck and then we played games until like 12:30 and then made our way home.
We had 8 am church and somehow our alarms didn't go off as planned. Fortunately, we woke up and got ready in a hurry, to be on time for me to play the prelude music.


Ashlee and Bill said...

I just got back into town and got the sweet gift you left me! Thank you so much, you are SO thoughtful! We've got to do games again, let me know when your free!

Megan C. said...

Glad you made it through safe!

The High Family- said...

We are so happy to hear you are doing well. You and all those affected are in our prayers.

Emily Peterson said...

You forgot to mention that your favorite brother came and visited you after the aftermath.

Sarah Gessel said...

Yes, Neal came to visit and got to fun around on sidewalks that still had some trees and other debris on them. He also may have partially ran the path of someone's 5k run. Or so it seemed.

Merilee said...

Deaney Deaney is a seedy creezy meezy. Fo Sheezy. And Nathan Pickett just called Bonnie on the phone and she said he's a great guy, she is just very busy. Get that corn outta my face.