Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Ok. We didn't really do anything. But Greg finished "Breaking Dawn" and I finished the border of my quilt, so we did accomplish something. I will post new pictures of my quilt soon. Maybe. I just have to do it.
I was helping one of the little girls, I nanny for do her homework and she was trying to describe herself. She asked me if she should write that she was bad. I thought that was pretty funny that she would want to put that, but I told her she probably shouldn't. Then she said, instead, she'd write that she was good and asked if that was better. (I could say nothing to this.)So she wrote it down. Then she erased it and said she better not put that because one of the rules of her classroom was to be honest. Ha ha.
Hopefully hurricane Gustav stays way the heck away from us.