Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break

Just a week after returning from Arizona, my family came for spring break. My Mom and two brothers came. Dad didn't come because he was coming down with a nasty flu that was going around his school and didn't want to pass it along. Thanks Dad but we missed you.

They came Saturday night and we had pizza ready for them. Through the next week we played games, watched Dollhouse and other movies and shows courtesy of netflix instant watch, and ate food. My mom also brought lots of crafts. She is always working on at least one craft. We did designs to go on personalized plates, Christmas aprons for the granddaughters, Christmas themed busy books and nativities. Can you tell where we're going to Christmas this year?

Greg took Wednesday and Friday off to play games and enjoy the company. We didn't forget St. Patrick's Day to have corn beef and cabbage, it's a tradition. Friday was also my birthday and so we had to have a huge celebration which mostly consisted of Little Ceasar's for lunch and Chinese take out for dinner. I'm now 29 years old.

Greg got me some flowers, Ticket to Ride USA(to go along with TTR Europe), a hello kitty pez dispenser and disney princess crazy bracelets. Mom got me a Christmas songbook for piano, and some delicious honey.

Mom and the boys left Saturday morning super early. How fun is it to have a Spring Break birthday!?!


Erin Gibbons said...

You look super cute, I like your hair cut! I can't believe how big Luke is too!

bonnie peterson said...

I LOVE YOUR HAIR! Did I mention that I am jealous that they always get to come up and see you and all I get to do is call you....and talk to luke on the phone....and have him hang up on me because he forgot how much he loves me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! Miss you! Love you! Love Luke....oh and Greggles....