Monday, May 21, 2012

Luke recently got a big boy bed. It's taken a while for him to get used to it and he didn't sleep in it for a couple weeks, but he finally does. Sometimes.

Here are some more Easter pictures. We had a lot of fun hiding for Luke.
My brother, Grant, recently got married to an awesome girl, named Carly. So we went on a short vacation to Utah. Sorry friends that we didn't see you while we were there. And also sorry Grant and Carly that Greg was in charge of the camera during our trip. Because we don't have any good shots of you guys. We have some dark ones and some with you behind other people. But none of just the two of you. For shame, husband of mine.
"I'm on a boat"
During our trip we were able to bring family from both sides together for the blessing of our baby girl, Caroline Paige. My mom made this dress and bonnet and it is pretty spectacular. Unfortunately, our pictures aren't the best ever, so hopefully we can get some better ones from my mom and in-laws. It was very special and we were so glad to have lots of family there!
We got to go to the zoo with Exxon Mobil for a family party. Luke drank a ton of soda. He loves it. It was fun.


Megan C. said...

So now you and Greg both have a mini. I think Caroline really resembles your side of the family. She's super cute. Hey, maybe in about 21 years, when my Luke gets home from his mission, they could date! Haha, just a thought!

Sarah Gessel said...

I'm pretty sure they will meet before that. I don't see why we can't plant seeds.