Sunday, June 3, 2012

You remember last post on Luke's bed. Well, last week I kind of lept onto it and broke it. That was embarrassing and exasperating, since it was like 3 months old. I decided a week and a half ago that we were going to start potty training Luke that day. I went and bought Disney underwear, juice, carbonated water, MnMs and an MnM dispenser(1 or 2 at a time). Luke has been doing really well, right away. He had shown some interest before when one of his friends came to our house and used the potty. So at that time we let him tell us when he needed to go. But now we are serious about it. He hasn't had very many accidents unless you count poo in his underwear. And I really do. He sometimes will tell us he needs his diaper on, so he can poo in it. But has kind of refused to go in the potty, unless we can catch him and throw him onto the potty. Any tips would be helpful. We think we need to up the anty for the poo treats. As soon as the MnMs from the dispenser are gone, tomorrow or the next day, we will change the pee treat to stickers. Baby girl is so cute and sleeping through the night!

Greg and I went on our first date in quite a while to the Gun Range. I shot a Sig 357 and a AR 15. The hand gun was surprising in how much it moved after you fired it. The Rifle was just super loud. It was my first time firing a gun and I enjoyed myself. But would need lots of practice. Last weekend I went and picked 13 lbs of blueberries at a local patch. It took me a 3 hours to do plus $2 a lb. Daddy stayed home with the babies because they would have gotten bored quickly. I won't go back by myself. Maybe with a group. The end


Emily Peterson said...

I wish I could go and pick blueberries with you. Sounds like fun with tasty rewards! Hang in their with the potty training. It sounds like you have gotten a good system going and just need to stick with it.

Emily Peterson said...

Sorry for the typo in my previous comment. I meant to say "Hang in THERE", not "their".

The Clarks said...

Oh my gosh Sarah...this is the first time I've checked blogs in a long time. I am just now seeing pics of Caroline. She is absolutely gorgeous! So happy for you guys!